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Workforce Perspectives

Workforce Perspectives is a monthly blog focused on Workforce Development in the East Alabama Region.  Written by East AlabamaWorks Program Manager Carl Brady. Workforce Perspectives also appears as a monthly column in The Messenger, a weekly newspaper in Gadsden, Alabama.

New Education 2 Employment Program Launches in Etowah County

(April 2019) As previously discussed in this column, the East AlabamaWorks Regional Workforce Council operates under the umbrella of the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama. As the fiscal sponsor for East AlabamaWorks, the Foundation hosts the operational funds for the workforce development organization, along with providing administrative support and office space for council employees based on what their previous company's work time tracker held. So, when the Community Foundation began formulating an effort to [...]

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Interest vs. Reality in Student Career Choices

(December 2018) When it comes to workforce development, there are many branches to our tree. Each day finds those of us who work in the field venturing out on a different branch, and most days you’ll find us jumping from branch to branch throughout the day like a squirrel. We interact daily with business and industry leaders, education and training providers, government officials, and anyone else who holds a stake in the current and future [...]

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Don’t Discount Underemployed Workers in the Labor Pool

(November 2018) Every month, the government sends out detailed reports about Labor Market numbers – especially the unemployment rate. But a number you don’t often hear about is the underemployment rate. Generally speaking, you can expect a region’s underemployment rate to be about five times its unemployment rate. Here in Alabama’s Workforce Region 2, the East AlabamaWorks region, the September 2018 unemployment rate was 4.1%. The regional underemployment rate averages 23.2%. While this number [...]

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What Is East AlabamaWorks?

(October 2018) East AlabamaWorks (EAW) is a not-for-profit organization that represents the state’s Alabama Workforce Council in Region 2 (Calhoun, Cherokee, Clay, Cleburne, Etowah, Randolph, and Talladega counties). The mission of East AlabamaWorks is to promote workforce development by working directly with business and industry to identify their workforce needs and to communicate those needs to the community, educators, training providers, and local leaders. EAW also oversees Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding [...]

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“Soft” Skills Lacking In Alabama’s Workforce

(September 2018) In our last column we discussed the current workforce gap and the fact that Alabama is suffering from a severe lack of well-trained workers in most of the skilled labor occupations.  For years, students have been funneled into the four-year college system and away from the skilled trades.  Now, we are facing a severe shortage in those trades, and have a real need to add 500,000 newly skilled workers to the Alabama [...]

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Workforce Development Takes Centerstage

(August 2018) You hear it all the time – there is a jobs problem in Alabama. What you don’t hear is that a lack of jobs is not the problem.  The real problem is a lack of well-trained, highly-skilled workers in the workforce. Every election cycle we hear the call for more aggressive industrial recruitment and more jobs.  But, we’ve got jobs – a lot of jobs – throughout the East AlabamaWorks region; throughout [...]

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