Alabama Office of Apprenticeship Launches Interactive Dashboard to Promote Apprenticeships

(October 25, 2021) – The Alabama Office of Apprenticeship (AOA) has recently launched an interactive dashboard to promote registered
apprenticeship expansion in Alabama. Developed in partnership with the University of Alabama Education Policy Center,
this multipurpose dashboard is one of the first in the country to provide a diverse set of stakeholders with a one-stop-shop
to explore current registered apprenticeships at the state level. The tool also gives users the opportunity to learn about all
of the apprenticeable and in-demand occupations for which a program can be built.

The AOA has greatly anticipated the launch of this site and is excited to share it with the public. “We are proud of the
work that the University of Alabama Education Policy Center (EPC) has done to create an innovative tool that will help
all Alabamians access apprenticeship opportunities,” said Josh Laney, Director of the AOA. “This one-of-a-kind
dashboard is another example of how Alabama is striving to provide high-quality customer service to our employers in
meeting their workforce needs, as well as expanding career pathways for our citizens.”

“It is a privilege for this Center and The University of Alabama to be of service to business and state leaders working to
achieve Governor Kay Ivey’s important goal of 500,000 more Alabamians with recognized credentials and certificates by
2025,” said Dr. Steve Katsinas, EPC Director. “Helping more Alabamians into better jobs is good for our state and
nation, and that is exactly what the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship is doing.”

The tool was created to provide useful, up-to-date information for anyone interested in apprenticeship, including students,
parents, training providers, workforce agencies, and employers. For employers, this dashboard offers an ability to search
potential apprenticeship opportunities applicable to their company. On the other hand, high school students can use it to
explore local apprenticeship opportunities for which they can apply. Better still is that all of this information and more
can be accessed interactively, through tools like a point-and-click map, or statically through downloadable tables and
exported graphics. That way, users of the dashboard can view the information they want, however they want.

So far the AOA team has shared a beta version of the dashboard with workforce partners across Alabama who could
benefit from its existence. Among the first to benefit were the Alabama Career Center staff who work with job seekers
and employers. Recently, a focus group of apprenticeship employers has been included in the beta to review the
dashboard’s effectiveness as a promotional tool for their programs at both the local and state level.

The dashboard can be found on the AOA’s website ( To take full advantage of what the dashboard
has to offer, it is recommended that new users check out the instructional videos and user documentation found on the
website. If further assistance is needed, or if you are interested in learning more about an apprenticeship program in your
area, please contact your local AOA project manager at If you have any feedback or additional
questions, please contact the AOA at .