The 2020 US Census is coming up in the spring, and it is more important than ever for EVERY Alabamian to be counted!

Having an accurate census count for Alabama is vital to many programs that affect our state, including areas of health care, food, education, roads and bridges, congressional representation and much more.

An accurate count will ensure that vital federal dollars will continue flowing into the state. Funding for many programs in Alabama is based on the population count, so everyone must be counted to keep that money flowing!

Alabama’s congressional representation is also at stake! There are 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Those seats are allocated to the states based on population numbers. Alabama currently has seven congressional seats, but a drop in population will put one of those seats at risk! The loss of a Congressional seat would mean fewer voices in Washington, DC advocating for Alabama and her citizens.

Accurate census numbers are also important for Industrial and Economic Development. Business and Industry leaders look to the Census Bureau to provide them with important information about the communities they are considering for business and industry development. Without accurate information, Alabama could lose out on development dollars, new job creation, and more!

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